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    How can I control the order of my Lightbox images?


      The scenario

      I have text embedded inside 4 separate invisible trigger boxes. When text is selected it triggers a Lightbox Display (from the Compositions widget) to pop up.  I want the user to be to view images two ways:

      (option 1)  Click on individual text and see that corresponding image or ...

      (option 2)  Click on text, see that image and THEN continue to click through to see all images in order, in order of text on screen (from top to bottom)


      The problem

      When you click through to see ALL the images (as in option 2) the images are not in order as the text is.


      The question

      How do you control the order of images for a click-through that makes logical sense?


      Please, someone help me. I will be ever so grateful! Thank you. If anything is confusing, let me know and I will clarify and/or send you the file.



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          Colby Ausen Adobe Employee

          Hi Sarah,


          For composition widgets, the slides will always be in the order in which they were added. The only way to reorder them is to delete slides and add them in the correct order. It is much easier with lightbox slideshows, as you can just rearrange the thumbnails as you wish and the slides will also rearrange. Unfortunately you won't be able to add text to the triggers of a lightbox slideshow, though.