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    Mobile Website Development for Semi-Non-Coder


      Greetings! I was going through a tutorial on Lynda.com on how to build mobile Apps and the author; Joseph Lowery demonstrated where to set up a mobile website as part of the instructions. : File/New/Mobile Starters/ jQuery Mobile (CDN). So I thought I would try it. I have an old mobile website on a client's website that could stand for some righteous improvement over my hack CSS job I did a few years ago.


      Anyway, if I understand correctly, the navigation basically acts like page links that link to anchor tags accept they're not anchor tags; is that correct?


      That would mean that the entire website would be on a single index page correct (something tells me not, though)?


      If not, if it can have multiple pages, how do you link them. I tried to add simple links to other pages but no luck. Then I tried putting anchor tags, no luck. I'm sure this is just noobs luck but thought I'd ask the geniouses. What I really need is a turial on building mobile sites I guess.