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    bottom of browser not correct


      Hi you awesome community!  Got another for ya.


      publishing to business catalyst give me the proper bottom of browser positioning




      publishing to my domain does not





      Correct is the blue image at the bottom and no browser color below.  Any ideas??  Thank you!



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          Lukewind Level 2

          On your master page have you brought up the guide called "bottom of browser" and rested it against the bottom of your bottom bar?   Also sometimes locking down that bar, or grouping things in it seems to help, but make sure you keep enough undos ready beacaue it might make it go wacky.


          So basically the bottom of page and bottom of browser guides should kinda almost overlap.

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            gina_farr Level 1

            I tried locking the footer fill rectangle and that didn't work.  All is correct on my side.  Might be a Safari issue (Firefox looks fine). 


            Can anyone check this using another browser, and better yet anyone on a Windows machine who can peek at the bottom of the browser?  Should be blue not cream.  Thank you!!





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              gina_farr Level 1

              Talking to myself...


              Used browsershots.com to check the layout.  All looks good except safari, chrome and a handful of others.  Overall, MUSE has done a decent job of getting this little multimedia page rollin'.  If you guys are listening, I enjoyed using it.  Thank you!



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                Colby Ausen Adobe Employee

                I see the issue you're talking about in Chrome on Windows. Did you raise the Bottom of Browser guide up to the blue footer on your Master page, as Lukewind suggested?

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                  T.J. Harrison Level 2

                  If you hit CTRL/CMD +A, you will see text in the bottom area under the blue that says


                  "The Creek animation, podcasts & recording adventures

                  were made possible by the funding and participation of the following creek friends."


                  I am guessing that this paragraph is causing the issue, though I can't say I have any ideas as to why it is. Try deleting this text and publishing. If that works, try re-introducing the text from scratch. you might also be able to group this text with the other elements in the blue area using CTRL/CMD +G