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    2 up multiple text box entry


      So I am workign on creating a form for my employer, the problem is I have little experience with livecycle. I have bashed my way through almost all of the form except the last part. The document is 2 up. When I type the text in the text box on the left side of the page I need the text to enter into the corrisponding text box on the right side of the page as well. I have no idea how to make this happen. I have seen the results so I know it is possible but I am so lost on this, any help would be much appreciated!

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          dohanlon Level 3

          You can just set the right hand text value to the left hand value on the change event of the left field using:


          RightField.rawValue = xfa.event.newText;

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            Steve Bishop Level 2

            You could also create an XML schema, create a data source based on that schema then bind fields on both sides of the form to the same schema element. Editing either field edits both fields.


            It sounds overwheleming, but creating the schema is pretty easy since you'll just copy and paste the same line over and over then change the element name. Creating a schema as the first step of any new form will save you headaches later. You then have a data heirarchy separate from page layout. If you move items around in and out of sub forms, the data heirarchy stays the same.

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              mikeyforpres2008 Level 1

              Well I figured it out, thank you anyways guys. It is incredibly simple. You

              just have to make sure both fields have the same value name and then in the

              binding settings for those text fields tell it that binding is global.