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    Is the Swipe Gesture response on Kindle Fire really this bad?


      Using the simplest swipe example I could locate from http://www.tutorialsbyibrent.com/


      Flash CS5.5: iOS - Multitouch - GESTURES - Swipe


      Using CS5.5 and Air 2.6 we tried this on Kindle Fire. This isn't the most responsive thing I've seen.


      Frequently needing to tap kinda hard to get it to swipe, refusing to swipe in one direction or another.


      Is Flash Gesture response really this bad on the Kindle Fire?  Is it better on other mobile devices?


      Perhaps it's way better for AIR 3.2? Anyone have anything on android using swipe and AIR 3.0+?


      It's unrealistic to expect it to be as responsive as native  but this seems almost unusable.

      Plain old mouse dragging doesn't respond as we would like either. Tapping  seems ok.



      Should we invest any more time in Flash/Air or move on?




      Thanks in advance.