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    Dynamic Dialog Praticipant step

    Ram Atmakur Level 1

      Hello experts,

                 The OOTB cq comes with a "dialog participant step" and "dynamic participant step". I am looking for "dynamic dialog participant step". Any ideas of how to implement it ?


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          Ram Atmakur Level 1

          I tried to customize this new component by combining the functionality of Dynamic Participant and Dialog Participant. I was able to customize the dialog (which shows up when I drag and drop the customized dynamic Dialog Participant Step) to refer to a dialog path ( as is OOTB Participant Step) and choose which  script to resolve the dynamic participant step. But at the run time had this issue where it was not assigning to the right group though the script returns correct value. I dont see any errors. But the major issue was I could not see the custom dialog. So took a new approch to resolve this.


          1. Create a new model

          2. Drag and drop the dialog Participant step and DONOT choose the group. Choose title and description, and also choose the custom dialog.

          3. Create a new java process step which would assign the a value to the property called PARTIPANT to the next step (combination of workflow transition objects and routes objects) in the workflow ( which in this case the dialog Participant).

          4. Code the logic in such a way that it returns the correct user group.

          5. Drag and drop a java process step on to the model prioor to the dialog Participant Step and choose the newly created java process.

          6. execute the workflow.

          7. Once the java process executes it would assign to the right group for the dialog Participant (  which we did not choose while we modelled it - Step 2)


          Hope this helps.



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            Where is this behaviour documented?

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              Omega-Psi Level 1

              Ok, i got the idea. And the CQ workflow steps are pre-configured. Is there any documentation of clean workflow steps with the necessary metadata available?