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    An OOP question

    daydreamer23 Level 1
      I'm new to OOP, this is a dumb question probably but If i want to create an app that involves students is it necessary to create a studen class in as3.0??? If so, it's also neccesary to invoke that class when I'm polling data from my db?

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          atta707 Level 2
          well, this sounds more like a application design question than a OO one!

          in any event, you don't have to! But certainly it's a good idea to have object representation of your business domain artifacts.

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            daydreamer23 Level 1
            Thanks, could you recommend me any books about these kind of things?
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              ejkujan Level 1

              I would recommend Essential ActionScript 3.0. Although it is not a OOP book it is an ActionScript book which is object oriented. Oreilly out did themselves with this one, I am constantly opening this book for information. If you are looking for just a descussion of OOP I like Head First Object-Oriented Analysis & Design by Oreilly again. This manual is a little differnt, but it does a good job helping you to understand what OOP is all about. This book does not use ActionScript, but C++ is simular. I hope this helps.