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    Where is "Share Layer To Pages" option?


      I'm having a major difficulty with Fireworks CS4 for my homework assignment.  The book states: Choose Share Layer To Pages from the Layers panel options.  I cannot find this option anywhere in the layer panel.  So, I tried to Google, and it states this in the Adobe tutorial for CS4: From the Layers panel Options menu or pop-up menu, select Share Layer to Pages -- still cannot find it.  Please see the photo attached where there are only available options.




      So, what did I do wrong?

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          groove25 Level 4

          Unfortunately, I don't have that version of Fireworks... However, I was reading that there's a difference between the menu that appears if you right-click within the Layers panel versus the menu that appears from the panel's "fly-out" menu. So be sure that you're accessing the options menu by clicking the "three horizontal line" icon at the top right of the Layers panel:




          (If that doesn't help... Based on the menu items in your screenshot, I'd guess you might be working on a master page layer. It looks like you've already shared the layer across all pages. Again, I'm not very familiar with those features, so I'm just guessing. But if something's already been designated as a master, it may already be shared and that option would be moot.)

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            Ykueih Level 1

            Thank you so much!  I believe that it was a mistake on my part.  I did what you suggested originally, and it still was not there.  So, I tried to do that on another fresh file, and it was there.  My assignment is now completed as I redid the steps in the textbook and used your suggestion.  Thanks again!