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    Pan Zoom componente with start zoom

    LeonardoAgosti Level 1



      I use the adobe component com.adobe.wheelerstreet.fig.panzoom.

      How can'I set a default value of zoom?

      It's set to default to 1 and I don't found way to modify this value....


      This is the creator of component:


      public function ImageViewer():void


                                    viewRect = new Rectangle();

                                    _contentRectangle = new ContentRectangle(0,0,0,0,viewRect);


                                    addEventListener(ResizeEvent.RESIZE, handleResize);


                                    addEventListener(FlexEvent.CREATION_COMPLETE, handleCreationComplete);




                                    function handleCreationComplete(e:FlexEvent):void


                                              _contentRectangle.zoom =1

                                              bitmapScaleFactor = _contentRectangle.zoom;







      If I modify

      _contentRectangle.zoom =1




      _contentRectangle.zoom =0.6


      don't refresh the component.


      Any ideas?