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    Digital Editions authorised to two computers


      have a laptop and desktop pc both authorised for my digital editions. The digital editions file and everything is stored on my external hardrive, which I switch between the two computers.

      My problem is that when I move the harddrive to the laptop it only shows books I've downloaded on to the hard drive when sat at desktop computer on the libary and vice versa for the desktop. What I want to know is shouldn't it show all books I've downloaded on either pc on to digital edtions be showing when I move between computers.

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          ADE knows which computer was used when downloading your ebooks....  Let me

          assume, however, that you used the same Adobe ID on both computers.  If so,

          then you can add the ebooks to the library on the alternate computer by

          using the "Add Item to Library" function in ADE's Library View.  You'll

          need to make a list of the ebooks that aren't showing up on whichever

          computer, and then add them individually.


          You can access "Add Item...." by putting your cursor on the small carat

          next to the word 'Library' in Library View.  A drop-down box will show up

          and you'll find this function.


          Hope this helps!