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    Printing from the Word to the pdf printer,

    Jamal NUMAN Level 1

      Printing from the Word to the pdf printer,


      I wanted to print a Word document using the pdf printer but sounds this printer doesn’t provide a dialogue box to choose where to save the printed pdf file. It prints the document but couldn’t know where does the acrobat stick it!


      What might be the problem?

      Is there some option that controls this behaviour?


      Thank you for the help,









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          Bill@VT Most Valuable Participant

          If you select the properties (or preferences) when right clicking on the Adobe PDF printer, there is a Settings tab (if not select the Advanced button on the general tab) and select the settings tab. There are selections there for requestion the file name and other items related to PDF creation. Sorry if my selections are not clear, I am on the wrong computer to check the correct selections for you, so give it a shot and try various selections until you find the settings.