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    Is There A Way to get better Resloution on my Main Menu?

    MGW of Boulder

      I am using the "Seasons/Red Leaves" menu set.  The video was developed and output as 1080i HD Video.


      The Main Menu displays with low definition on my HD Television when played from the DVD rendered by PrE.  Both the Text and imbeded photo are shown at rather low definition.


      Yes, I am putting about 130 minutes of video on a 4.7 GB DVD.  The resulting bitrate is most likely about 4.42Mbps.


      However, the scenes menus appear to be OK and the remainder of the video appears to be OK.  However, it is possible I am just not seeing the lower resolution on those portions of the DVD.


      PrE Vesion 9.0

      Windows 7 Professional

      Intel i7 - 2920XM CPU @ 2.50Ghz