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    Smart Object in CS5




      I want to save my time, and i know that it's possible to copy a vector object from illustrator to photoshop. Photoshop keep the relation on this object as a SMART OBJECT.


      Is it possible to copy a vector from illustrator to Indesign in the same way (Smart Object)




      What is the efficient way to reduce the time of any changes on this illustrator object. For example, I created a logo in Illustrator and photoshop document have a copy of this logo as a Smart Object. That very easy to change this logo in Photoshop.


      But, in InDesign, i never see this possibility.


      Can you help me about this.



      P.S: The best way for me, is to keep the relation on the original illustrator object and if a change this original illustrator object, the change impact all other document wich include this original illustrator object.


      Thanks !

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          When you copy/paste from Illy to ID you will get either editable paths or an embedded PDF, depending on the complexity of the illustration and the settings you use for the clipboard. There is no link maintained to the original. For that you should Place the illustration.

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            AdobeCoussini Level 1

            Thanks for your reply. I assume there's no link maintened to the original. One day, that probably the best way to change any object. Thanks and have a nice day

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              No. ALL objects that are PLACED (File >Place...) except for text and spreadsheet files are automatically linked to the original (you are really putting a pointer to the original file in the document, not the actual data), and you can choose to link text and spreadsheets as well. This not only keeps the file size down -- you can have hundreds, or thousands of pages in your document with hundreds or thousands of linked images -- but allows you to modify the original file and update the link inside ID at any time.


              You can embed a linked file if you choose, but there is really no advantage in most workflows, and you can paste from Illustrator if you choose. The advantage to pasting is that you can edit the individual paths locally in your ID file without affecting the original, but the disadvantage is you lose any connection to the original. Having worked both ways I've come to the conclusion that any convenience from pasting is outweighed by the lack of portability and the loss of edit-once-update-many capability for most situations.