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    Vaultclipse plugin


      Has anyone got vaultclipse plugin working for Eclipse in windows machine.  I have it working just fine in Mac.

      In windows, same configuration gives me filenotfound error when "import".  It looks like it exports in different folder and tries to import from different folder.


      Any thoughts?

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          I was able to get vaultclipse plugin working for eclipse indigo . The only changed i made was changing the default  "temporary directory" setting from user home to my d:\temp .


          you can try this and let me know. I tried import and export and both seems to be working fine. I did not try the merge option yet.


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            rojazz Level 1

            Thank you for the response!


            I have tried that and it stopped the null error but I am still cant import. I still get


            Here are my settings:


            OS: Win XP

            JAVA_HOME : C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_25

            VLT_HOME: C:\adobe\cq5\author\crx-quickstart\opt\filevault\vault-cli-2.4.18

            PATH:C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_25\bin

            Eclipse indigo:

            Plug in http://vaultclipse.sourceforge.net/update

            Plug in setting : Vault Directory: C:\adobe\cq5\author\crx-quickstart\opt\filevault\vault-cli-2.4.18

            Temprorary directory : C:\Temp ---> this folder exists


            Can you share your settings? Any installation would be greatly appriciated.

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              rojazz Level 1

              The error message i get is:


              import: java.io.FileNotFoundException:


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                meetshishir Level 1



                i also got the similar error once i change my Temprorary directory : from D:\temp to C:\Temp. 


                but reverting to "D"   or any other drive are working fine for me.


                My guess it could be because of some windows security reason. Try moving your  Temprorary directory from c: drive to any other drive . It works for me hopefully it works for you.


                yours other setting are same as mine except OS , i am using windows 7 professional.

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                  meetshishir Level 1

                  Are you able to configure the plugin?

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                    Check that you have available the filevault command. Eg. vault-cli-2.3.6


                    Try making a Fresh installation of the plugin.


                    It works fine on Windows too.

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                      rojazz Level 1

                      It didnt work for me. I installed new eclipse but still no luck.  I will let you know when I get it to work.


                      Thanks for the help.

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                        klcodanr85 Level 1



                        I noticed that the error you're getting seems to indicate that your temporary directory is set to: C:\eclispe_indigo\temp\  Why not leave it the default setting?  I think this may be the root of the problem you are having.  I would try setting it to another directory and see if that fixes your issue.

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                          I have left it to default path too but it wont work.

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                            we too got the same problem with vault-cli-2.4.18 which is shipped with CQ5.5. But when we used the vault-cli-2.3.6 which is shipped with CQ5.4 it's working fine.


                            create a new workspace for eclipse and configure your vault plugin to point to vault-cli-2.3.6. It worked for us.

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                              cqlearner Level 1

                              That was it !!! Thanks a bunch Ramesh.

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                                rojazz Level 1

                                Thanks Ramesh !!

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                                  klcodanr85 Level 1

                                  The new version of VLT shipped with CQ 5.5 fixed an issue with the way VLT handled paths in windows.  Since VaultClipse did some path munging to build paths compatible with the previous version of VLT on windows, the fix broke VaultClipse.  I updated VaultClipse to only do the path munging on the older versions of VLT, the newest release of the plugin, 0.3.1 fixes this issue and makes some other minor updates.


                                  This new version is committed to the update site, so if you run the Eclipse plugin update you should be able to pull it down.


                                  Sorry this fix took so long, I was off the first half of this month.

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                                    praveen : techie

                                    Hi ,


                                    I am working on vaultclipse plugin with cq 5.4, it is working fine for me, but there is small issue that is, I want to Export a specific folder from /etc to my eclipse repo., but there is no link between the filter.xml and the vault plugin, can we define it in filter.xml , what to export and import....



                                    thanks in advance....