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    Video playing not showing right

    ErikaDparit Level 1



      Im having some problems trying to make a video and its reverse video play correctly (Open/Close video with a toggle button).

      So basically what I want to do is, play the "Open" video and when it finishes I want it to stop to the last frame so I can start it from where it stopped for the "Close" video.

      Because I don't know a way to make the video stop at its last frame, I made it with a custom component of 4 states (the first state has the Open video's first frame, the second state has the "Open" video which on complete goes to the third state where it shows the Open video's last frame and in the forth state there is the "Close" video which on complete goes back to the first state where is the Close video last frame or the open video first frame)


      However,the problem that occurs here is that when I press the open button, appart from it taking for ever to play, there is something like a "gap" between the states that makes a black or empty screen appear and the other problem is that when the video finishes, it seems like the image moves.


      I would really appreciate if there was a way to make this work smoothly, since it is very important for the videos to show correctly considering also the fact that I have many little videos like these having to play in the application Im working on.


      Here's a link of what I mean, I know it takes long to load and play the videos for the first time but after it plays once it plays smooth after.





      Thank you