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    Recorded / post processed stream won't play until server is restarted

    MazAwushu Level 1



      I'm having a very frustrating problem with FMS. A stream recorded on the server-side won't play until I restart the server.


      The user flow I'm currently working with is:

      1. record webcam stream

      2. close the stream

      3. call FMS function to post process the stream

      4. FMS joins the recorded webcam stream with two pre-recorded videos and stores as a new stream


      Then, knowing the new stream name, I'm trying to play it. However, I'm always seeing its last frame and it doesn't play. Surprisingly, restarting the server and re-connecting to it helps, then I can play the stream.


      So I wonder if (server-side):

      var stream = Stream.get("streamName");






      somehow retains the stream? Locks it? I'm just guessing. Any ideas?