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    unicode pathnames and xtras

      I got dir11 to dig me out a very deep hole on a multilanguage presentation builder. The unicode stuff was essential. Luckily for me buddyAPI has also been upgraded to support unicode so I was able to replace all my FileXtra4 code (which doesn't support unicode) with buddy commands.

      I'm storing data in "C:\Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\Application Data\" where I guess "User" could contain unicode chars. I am also saving .dat files that could contain unicode chars in this folder.

      Buddy has fixed many unicode specific issues but my problem is that I am using SharpExport xtra (JPEG export) which does not support unicode pathnames. I am also using zipXtra and unzipXtra which also do not support unicode.

      Is anyone aware of unicode friendly alternatives to these xtras, or aware of another 'special folder' that can be written to safely in XP and Vista that definitely never contains unicode chars or would get blocked by windows paranoid security?

      Any knowledge/tips/answers would save me from further dooooooom.... Thanks.
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          You can try using baShortfilename on the folder you are saving into to get the DOS name of the folder, and pass that on to the other xtras. You won't be able to use unicode characters in the actual file name though.

          If you are happy to have all users share the same data, then you can save into the c:\ProgramData folder which won't contain Unicode characters - baSysFolder( "program data" )

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            angryNerd Level 1
            I've tried baSysFolder( "program data" ) and it reports "c:\ProgramData" on Vista and "c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\" on XP so that is perfect (definitely no unicode stuff here). Fortunately I don't need any user specific data for this project.

            I could perhaps use buddy to rename files in the "program data" folder, then zip/export, then rename back again to get round the non unicode xtras. That would work too I guess.

            Thanks Gary