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    Tape or Live Capture? Quality Difference?

    alexdejesus Level 1

      I have never captured live footage direct from camera to computer. I have an opportunity to do so tomorrow on a 2-camera shoot. I have questions:


      1) Is it possible to capture 2 firewire streams simultaneously in OnLocation or with some other program?


      2) Is there a quality difference between live capture from an HDV camcorder and from a tape?


      3) I have a Matrox MX02 Mini with which I can capture a stream via component HD. How does this compare quality-wise to HDV?


      It is a long event - a bodybuilding contest (about 4 hours)  I would love to save time not having to capture from tape afterwards, but wondering if the setup is worth it. I do not have a laptop, so I would bring my editing computer to the gig.