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    Monitor Recommendations

    the_wine_snob Level 9

      Well, after about 14 years of flawless service, one of my Hitachi 21" CRT's died this morning. It's "twin" is still working fine. I had a spare 21" Hitachi, of an earlier vintage, so just did some swapping - man those puppies are heavy, and awkward to move.


      I am now in the market for a new monitor, and probably two.


      As I am running the display from an nVidia Quadro FX 4500, I need Sub-D input for now. Hope to replace the entire rig, and will likely be able to go to HDMI in the future w/ new GPU.


      I have been looking at the high-end Dell 24" and their 30" monitors. I need to make two mock-ups with foam-core, to see if I can fit dual 30" units, or need to go with dual 24".


      I know zero about Dell monitors, and am open to others' comments on them, plus any recommendations on other brands. The only requirement is that they have at least one Sub-D input for now.


      I greatly appreciate any thoughts, comments and recommendations.


      Hunt, who has to dispose of a dead 21" CRT monitor...