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    What are the best settings to export video for Blip.tv?


      I have CS5.5 and Adobe Premiere Pro.


      Their suggestions are anything but helpful for Adobe:

      http://support.blip.tv/entries/344530-how-should-i-export-my-videos-fo r-blip-tv


      Thing is, I had Premiere Elements 8 and 10, which both had no issues with making and uploading MPGs, but Pro's settings are... well, I'd call them "messed up". Part of the issue might be that Elements and Pro ands unforgiveably disimilar in too many aspects (I'd argue 8 was functionally better than 10). Why are settings seemingly unavailable, or completely different? I wasted an entire day, rendering the same video in different formats, because Pro didn;t have the same available settings as I could with Elements 10.


      Regardless of my complaints. The question is still this: What settings should I use for esporting videos to Blip.tv? The answer never really gets answered over there, but I am asking there too.


      Ultimately, I'm sending MP4 videos, and they are absolutely fine on my computer, but are squished over there. So if anyone else has any more experience with Blip.tv, maybe they can answer it. They don;t seem to like Adobe/PC software much to care to give settings.