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    Odd mouse behaviour on tools window in cs4


      I'm new to the forums here so hello.   I need somebody's help with this crazy bug as I can't find a solution anywhere.


      I'm running CS4. (all updated fyi). A few days ago my tools started behaving strangely. Specifically for any tool that has multiple beneath it. Like the type tool or shape tool for instance. The problem is that when I click a tool (with a mouse OR trackpad) it auto expands. It's not supposed to do this. It's supposed to select the top most tool with a single click. If I want the expanded menu I would click and hold or right click. Needless to say this is driving me crazy and slowing me down and I can't find a solution. I tried clearing my prefs and resetting my tools. I even upgraded to Lion from Snow Leopard and the issue is still there.


      Help? anyone?

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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          This sounds familiar, though I am not closely involved with Macintosh systems so I don't remember specifics...  Seems to me around the time Photoshop CS5 released I remember someone saying that their Mac's timing processes were off and it was recognizing mouse activities normally expected to be long as short.  Do you have any preferences that define the amount of time various things with the mouse have to take before some event occurs?