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    Uploading to own domain


      Hello everyone,

      I have finished my muse project and would like to upload it to my own domain (hosted by 123-reg.co.uk).

      I export the muse file via html and then upload it to my public root folder using Filezilla. I upload the following files:


      All the html pages

      CSS folder

      Scripts folder

      Images folder (where my images are stored)

      Documents folder (ive hyperlinked  PDF in here)

      Ancillary items folder (contains some PNG image files used)

      Muse_manifest.xml file


      I have also uploaded the actual .muse file once as well (getting the same result)


      The problem is my website doesnt show properly. It loads and the background image is fine and the hyperlinks are fine, but the formatting and layout is wrong, no images show, no blank compositions show, the font i used (Helvetica) shows as standard black webfont.


      Can anyone tell me what i am doing wrong?


      My website is at www.salman.org.uk

      my webhost is www.123-reg.co.uk


      (PS- I made this in a Windows 7 PC running virtually in Ubuntu using VMWare workstation.)





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          adobelance Adobe Employee

          Your webhost is not serving up anything from the images folder. Either the images folder hasn't been uploaded, or the permissions for this folder don't allow public viewing. If you've uploaded the images folder, you may just need to set the file permissions on the images folder. Check the documentation for your FTP client for how to set file permissions.

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            salmanorguk Level 1

            Thanks Adobelance for your reply,


            I am hosted with 123-reg.co.uk

            I reset the permissions for my Images Folder but it didn't work.


            The solution was to delete the existing folder and upload it again having checked the asset links in Muse. It is now working perfectly.


            Thanks for the help