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    After Effects CS5 render question

    gjkiii Level 1

      Can someone explain this please. I have a movie (30 sec in length). I rendered it into another movie. It took 1:48 to render (short render). I rerendered it again. It only took 1 min (same exact settings). I closed the project and opened a new porject. I did the same thing again except the first render I chaanged it to only render the first 3 seconds. The second render still only took 1 min (and it was the whole thing). It seems like the first render will always be slow but every render after that will be faster. Is that correct?

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          Not necessarily.


          Some factors that might make a render after the first one go faster:

          - cached frames

          - background processes that took a while to start up the first time are already running

          - OS has already shifted memory and CPU resources to After Effects if multiple applications are running