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    How to enable place a signaure feature


      I have a PDF form and I want people who view the form and enter data to also be able to use the Place a Signature feature to sign the form.  I created the form from a base PDF and made some minor edits to fields (date formatting, calculating a total).  I added the extended PDF features.  But when I open the form in reader, I still get the warning that says users can not add text or place a signature on the form because of the security settings.  I am using Acrobat 9 Pro to create the form.  Let me answer a few more questions based on what I have already read...


      I do not want to use passwords in any way.  I do not need to protect the form in any way.

      I do not want to explore digitial signatures.  If I can't get this to work, people will just print the form and sign with a pen.

      I am sure I have the extended features becuase when I open the file again in Acrobat Pro 9 and try to add the extended features, I get a message that tells me this is already done.


      I want to create a form that when opened in reader has the Place a Signature item enabled.  Please provide precise step-by-step instructions.



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          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          I don't get what you want. The Place Signature feature is used to add a digital signature and should be available on the "Extended > Extended Features" panel, but you say you don't want to "explore digital signatures". Can you calrify?

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            AmbooS Adobe Employee

            I guess bbenedict07 is talking about the "Place signature" option in Sign pane? Is that right? All Sign pane options are disabled for Acroforms/XFA forms/Reader Extended PDFs in Reader 10.1.2.

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              bbenedict07 Level 1

              I was just sent another PDF with a signature field.  The creator showed me in Acrobat pro, he double clicks the signature field, and up comes a dialog box with a graphic of his signature.  He clicks a button that places the graphic of his signature on the form.  He then saves it to his local disk. 


              We need to be able to create a PDF in Pro that a user can open up on Reader and do this exact same thing.  They need to open the document in Reader, click or double click the signature field, insert a graphic of their signature, and then save the form to local disk so it can be sent or printed.


              I assume for this to work, the creator of the PDF has to do something to the form.  And the person viewing the form in Reader has to do something to their ®eader setup to set up the signature. Can you provide these steps for me?



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                AmbooS Adobe Employee

                Open PDF in Acrobat Pro, go to Tools->Forms->Edit. Go to edit mode and add a digital signature field from 'Add new field' option. Close Form editing and save the PDF. Save the PDF as Reader-Extended file so that Reader users are able to sign it from Reader. For this, in Acrobat Pro, go to File->Save As->Reader Extended PDF->Enable Additional features and save. Now if you open this saved file in Reader, you should be able to sign it from the Extended pane.

                Hope that helps!