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    Hgroup button floating Issue


      OK what I want is the ToggleSwitch on the left and a Button on the right. When the Screen is too small, I want the Button to truncate and show some "...". So I used:


      <s:Group width="100%">
      <s:HorizontalLayout verticalAlign="middle"/>
      <s:ToggleSwitch />
      <s:Spacer width="100%"/>
      <s:Button label="TestTestTestTestTest"/>


      This works fine, until the Screen is so small that the entire label text from the button doens't fit. Then both components are floating left and right outside of the screen.

      So I tried it by using a basic layout:


      <s:Group width="100%">
      <s:ToggleSwitch left="0" />
      <s:Button right="0" label="TestTestTestTestTest"/>


      Doens't work either. When screen is too small the button is floating over the toggleswitch.


      So how can I get this to work?