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    Premiere to After Effects Composition workflow with Subclips?


      I have a bunch of  footage, each about 1 minute-long, that I'm cutting in Premier into a collection of 3-second highlight shots. What I want to do is take some of those 3 second clips and add a couple of effects in AE.


      Problem #1:

      When I select the trimmed shot in Premiere and select "Replace with After Effects Composition", all I get is a blank composition that is 1 minute long (not 3 seconds like how I trimmed it in the Premiere sequence editor).


      Problem #2:

      What I did to resolve the issue above is select the trimmed clip, then created a Subclip of it. Then when I selected "Replace with After Effects Composition" it then created a blank composition in AE that was 3 seconds long.


      Ok fine, but that still doesn't resolve the blank AE composition. It will be super tedious to import each of the 1-minute footage files into AE and then re-find the 3 second section I already set in Premiere. Am I missing a step somewhere? How do I get After Effects to import that subclip automatically into the library? I tried to export the subclip from Premiere but couldn't find that option.


      Is there a better workflow for what I'm trying to do?