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    Mac OS 10.7 and Premiere Pro CS5 not reading AVI and DV files, not rendering to Media Encoder


      Hi Folks,


      I've been wrestling with these problems since I bought my Macbook Pro running Lion (currently v10.7.3). I've had video editing and DVD authoring workflows that have worked perfectly for both CS3 and CS4 with Premiere Pro and Encore. I used to be able to import DV and AVI files and render timelines to Adobe Media Encoder so I can make DVD projects in Encore but it seems there are a lot of broken bits and pieces either with 10.7 or with CS5 or both. I've tired creating new projects or re-editing CS4 Premiere Pro projects that I can still edit with CS4 on my old Macbook Pro with 10.6.8. In fact I've given up on CS5 and I've gone back to my old laptop to edit. My problems with CS5/5.5 are:


      1     Can't import DV files - error message saying this is an unsupported format


      2     Can't import AVI files - error message saying this is an unsupported format


      3     When I export media and try to use Adobe Media Encoder (AME) the render queue doesn't respond to the files being sent from Premiere Pro (PPro). I have to render the files one at a time from within PPro. I have no idea where the queued files go but even if I have AME open it doesn't respond. In CS4 AME would open automatically and wait until I told it to render the files.


      4     In Encore I've had trouble burning to DVD. I have to make an ISO file and then burn that using Toast. I'n not particularly fussed about this but while I'm unloading I may as well give you the full picture.


      Basically I'm really hating this vcersion of CS5/Mac OS. Lion is like using Vista from what I can tell. On my PCs I went from XP to Windows 7 so I kinda avoided all that pain it it seems the computer gods are smiting good and proper now. I don't care whose fault it is I want Apple and Adobe to fix it or if some kind soul can share their experiences and hopefully how they fixed it I'd be eternally grateful until the next upgrade totally blindsides us all.


      Thank you in anticipation --> Mal/Melboure/AU