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    Loss of quality of exported DVD movie on TV when compared to Digital original

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      Can anyone please suggest a way to limit the loss in quality when burning a completed movie to a DVD for TV playback?


      When I playback on my Mac monitor (in either MPEG or H.264 saved versions) the image quality is 'mint' and seems as clear/rich as it was filmed. 


      However, once I have exported (using various 'best options' availible to me in via Prem Pro export menus) the SD (and Blu-ray) DVD playback on a TV seems a long way away from the quality level of the digital original still playing on my Mac.


      I am prepared for a drop in quality in both SD and even HD formats due to the compression processes, but I'm still disapointed with how amazing my digital copy looks compared to my best DVD efforts.


      Why is it that commercial 'hollywood' SD are still miles apart from my 'home made' version?


      Can anyone please suggest their tried/test 'digital alchemy' formular for getting fantastic results onto a DVD/TV playback, please?



      Here are my current details/settings:


      Canon 5d and XF300 to capture 1080p 25 fps footage (timeline created to match footage)


      CS5.5 platform = Premiere Pro/After Effects/Media Encoder/Encore (and burn saved ISO image using Roxio Toast version 10)


      Length of edits = 40 to 50 minutes (approximately) creating HD but mainly SD event movies.


      Create HD but mainly SD versions


      Export out of Prem Pro = MPEG or MPED-DVD/Blu-ray H.264


      Video Quality = 5


      Field order = None/Progressive (matching my original source footage)


      VBR 2 = Min 7/Target 8/Max 8.5 or CBR 8


      Use Maximum Render Quality



      Could the issue be with what happens after the export from PremPro into Encore?


      What else could/should I be doing?



      All constructive comments are very weclome and appreciated ...