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    migration from Flex 3 to Flex 4

    smacchi2008 Level 1

      I've migrated my project from flex 3 to flex 4 and all it's ok, the new project work fine.


      But I created my custom TitleWindow MX style and I created a swc library from Flash builder 4, all it's ok.


      When I use my custom TitleWindow in new project (compatible with mx+spark) it work fine when I add only mx component, when I add a <s:TextArea> for example, it throw this error in run-time: Skin for ForumTitleWindow1220.boxMessaggioInput.TextArea1227 cannot be found.


      where ForumTitleWindow1220 and boxMessaggioInput are my instance.


      in particolar the error is "throw(new Error(resourceManager.getString("components", "skinNotFound", [this])));"


      in SkinnableComponent to line 698.