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    Cropping not working


      Hi I'm applying crop effect but when I share the clip to MPEG video for use on other computers the cropping is gone. I'm a total newbie so I suspect it's something stupid.......

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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          Just to make sure that I am following correctly, you have applied the Effect>Crop, then adjusted it in the Effects Control Panel (Edit Effect for the Selected Clip), and then, when you Export/Share your Crop Effect is not showing up?


          First, maybe we should step back just a bit:


          1. What are the details of your Source Footage?
          2. What is your Project's Preset, chosen at New Project?
          3. What are the adjusted settings of the Crop Effect?
          4. What are the Export/Share settings of your MPEG?


          Good luck, and let us know just a bit more, please.



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            fresno_bob Level 1

            OK the Source footage is PAL Standard MPEG (It's actually exported from PE)

            It's PE 9 I'm using

            I'm a total newbie so I'm just going into project>New

            The crop just crops some of the height

            The export settings are PAL Standard MPEG

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Unlike when you crop a photo, cropping does not change the dimensions of your video frame, Bob.


              It only changes the size and shape of the video within the frame. Your video is still going to output at the same dimensions.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9



                Steve describes the Effect>Crop very well.


                The Video Frame Size is fixed, when one chooses any Project Preset. It might differ from Preset to Preset, say being 1920 x 1080 for an HD Preset, to being 720 x 480 for an NTSC SD Preset. However, it is fixed to THAT Frame Size.


                I use an analogy from photography, where one has an 16 x 204 mat, with an 8 x 10 aperture cut into it. Then, one has an 11 x 14 photograph. Just like Video, one can only see the 8 x 10 area. It "effectively" crops that 11 x 14 photograph. One can only see other parts of it, by moving the photography around below the aperture, but still, only that 8 x 10 area can be seen.


                Now, with Video, one does have some more power, that does not exist in the above analogy. One CAN Scale that 11 x 14 photograph, to make it 8 x 10, or any size desired. They can also move the Video Clip around, to reveal other parts of it, just like with the photograph.


                If we Crop the Photograph, to dimensions smaller than the 8 x 10 aperture, there will be border, or blank photo paper visible around the cropped photograph, but the defining visible area is STILL that 8 x 10 aperture - that aperture is exactly like our Video Frame Size - we will always see that aperture, and we can never see what is behind the mat, outside that aperture.


                In Video, when we use Effect>Crop we are "cropping" the Video (as Steve points out), but are NOT adjusting the Frame Size, which is fixed in the Project Preset. We will see only black (no Video) around the outside of the area that we cropped, OR any Video, or Still Image, below that Clip, on a lower Video Track. A good example of the use of the Effect>Crop is with a PiP (Picture in Picture), where we also want to change the "aperture" that we are viewing that Clip, or Still, but will see more of the Clip below.


                It sounds like what you want to do is alter the Scale of your Clip, to see less of it. This will "effectively" crop the Clip, with the set Frame Size, acting just like that aperture in the photograph analogy above. One can also use Effect>Motion>Position to move the larger Clip around behind that Frame Size "aperture."


                Good luck, and hope that helps,