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    Editing text does not appear to be updating layer name.


      Using CS5 and Win7.


      I just noticed something with my text in CS5 which is different from CS3 and as far as I'm concerned, a step back.


      I made a text layer with some words.  The words appeared as the layer name in the layers palate (say I typed "TEXT" on the screen and the text layer was named text).

      Then I double clicked on the text icon and this selected the word on the screen.  I then changed the word "TEXT" to some other word say "WORD".  However, this new word I typed in was not carried over to the layer name so the old layer name remained. 


      In CS3, the layer name is updaed when the words on the screen are changed. 


      I'd really like to have the new text update on the layer name.  Is there some way to fix this or is this just something in my system.


      Thanks in advance.