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    Best Video Quality output (Automatic transcode vs selected transcode)

    GianniQ Level 1

      When importing a Pre Pro CS5.5 timeline to Encore, is it better to select "Automatic" transcode or select DVD transcode like "NTSC DV High Quality 7MB VBR 2pass"?


      The video was shot in SD 720x480 9mps 60i.

      Using 8.5GB DL disc

      Timeline encode size is 8.36GB



      Another thing is that the actual file size is approx 9GB. but when I brought the Pre Pro project to Encore, it shows at 2.9GB file size.  Could it be that wehen I originally imported the asset, Encore was set to use 4.7GB disc??  It may have compressed it down originally thinking that it needed to fit on a smaller disc?


      I dont get it?image, video proj file size copy.jpgimage, video proj timeline size copy.jpg


      John Q.