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    Crisp Text Rendering Into FLV

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      Driving me nuts. I'm a web dev with very little AE experience... and even -less- Flash experience. I do understand video and work in Premiere a lot.


      I posted this question in the Flash area and got stuck. I'm hoping you can help me.




      To recap:  We want to do a little  video which is essentially a PowerPoint presentation... some images that cross fade one to the next; some text that slides left and right and a voiceover. I typically do this in Premiere because I can do the dissolves and titles in nothing flat. (It has a drag n drop way to apply dissolves.)


      But my client wants it to be a landing page, which plays on load on their web site so a SWF seems appropriate. -And- text tends to look fairly crap in Premiere. Finally: It would be -really- nice to have the 'video' play with a transparent background... which I realise is easily done in Flash.


      I gave it a shot in Flash but found it -really- hard to do these things which are so simple in Premiere. Working with "Tweens" to do smooth fades took forever. So I'm trying to do it in AE as I read that text renders a lot crisper.


      But my initial efforts here are -also- running into walls.


      1. No matter what I try, the text -still- looks crap when played from an SWF... although if I view the FLV in Media Player it looks -fine-.


      2. I can't get a transparent bg.


      3. I can't figure out how to do 'dissolves' (Cross Fades) as in Premiere... Yeah, I can add keyframes and opacity, but I was hoping there was a faster 'drag n drop' kind of deal as in Premiere. I've tried the 'dissolve' effect and all it seems to do is make the text blurrier.


      The current fiasco may be viewed @ http://burtengineering.com


      My comp is 550 x 413. My render options are: FLV,  On2 VP6, Frame Rate: 15fps (original)  RGB + Alpha, Millions Of Colors, PreMultiplied Matte.


      Any suggestions?





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          This just in: I'm getting closer.




          Got the transparency to work---somehow. And the text looks better now... BUT some characters are still crap. It does -not- look like viewing the raw FLV in Adobe Media Player. See the 'r' and 't' on the green text? But in the blue title everything looks -fine- and I can't figure out why.





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            Within the realm of FLV I see nothing wrong here. The compression is based on blocks just like MPEG and thus alignment issues with Alpha vs. color are perfectly normal. The typeface being so skinny doesn't help of course. You could perhaps increase the data rate of the clip a bit further and it might improve a tad more, but some characters will always look eroded or flicker at their edges. Also, for such slideshow stuff you should probably consider using native HTML/ CSS/ jQuery. All of what you have there can be done with Adobe Edge or some jQuery authoring...



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              Not trying to be difficult, but...


              1. There's -gotta- be a way to get cleaner text rendering with FLV. Maybe there is a better font or size?


              2. Yeah, I -could- do this with jQuery, but it's a 1:30 presentation with about 2 dozen text 'slides'. Doing all those .animation() functions is much more time-consuming.


              When I started doing this in Premiere (or Powerpoint) I expected it to take 1/2hr. But getting it into a 'flash' format that doesn't ruin the text is what's taking forever.


              Any other ideas?