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    Need some help with creating a menu transition

    Iceking007 Level 1

      Hello I have been making lots of progress on a DVD project I'm working on creating a motion menu system uptil now I've run into a brick wall last night and it's driving me nuts so I'm hoping some one can help me with some creative genious here I'll try to keep this short and understandable as this may be a challange to convey please note other things are happinging with this project but I will try to include only relevant information to keep this condensed:


      Basically I have a static background image with a picture on it for a DVD menu I have it animate in and now I'm animating a transition between 'Main Menu' and 'Scenes Menu'


      I'm trying to have the picture sweep across (simple) from right to left at which point the Menu Title Above and not behind the picture is supposed to be 'erased' as the picture sweeps across and the menu will then continue to erase off screen once the picture stops; during which the 'Scenes Menu'  Title will sweep on in the reverse fassion (opposite to the erase) on the same horizontal plane from right to left.


      I first attempted to use a solid and parent it to the picture and then animate off however my background image is not a solid color it has textures so I need to keep the same consistency with the background.


      I have been able to create a new comp and use null object with a solid to allow a moving cover over the top but I still have a solid color how can I create a moving "seethrough" cover that will selectrively cover up layers by showing and hiding what I want.




      To wrap this up I'm trying to do a wipe across from one screen to annother erasing the title and producing a new title both menus use the same textured background.


      thank you for the assistance I think this is an easy one and I may be looking too much into it and overlooking the obvious but sometimes that happens so I appreciate the clearity!