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    How does one delete an unwanted disk menu from the beginning of the finished film? (in PE 10)

    prman13 Level 1

      I was surprised when I played the disk burned to DVD, that the program inserted a title menu (with annoying music) which just sat on the screen until I clicked on Play Movie.  Then the film played fine.  Here are the particulars:


      1. There are NO menu markers anywhere in the timeline.  Just to be sure, I cleared them all.
      2. I do not want a menu-driven film, since I entered a static slide title, which does not need to jump to individual sections.
      3. The instruction manual says that title menus can be changed by dragging a different menu template to the clip monitor window.  This does work; however, there is no way to indicate that the editor wishes NO title menu, and I cannot find any delete menu anywhere for these items.
      4. The menu is listed in the project header as "Main Menu 1," but with no menu markers anywhere in the Timeline, and I cannot find a way to eliminate it.
      5. If I play the film from the Timeline or Sceneline, it plays fine, with no main menu appearing.  If I switch to the Disk Menu tab, and click Preview, there it is, plopped down in front of my film.
      6. The burned disk, once placed into the DVD player, starts with this menu, in the manner of an AutoPlay, prompting for an input.


      If there are no more menu markers to delete, and there is nothing on the Timeline before 00:00:00:00, how do I get rid of this blasted thing?  There must be some "secret" menu screen that I am missing, or something.


      I do not want to burn another Taiyo Yuden DVD, only to find a disk menu actually appears again.


      I always seem to get these "hard case" problems, nicht wahr?