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    Need Help with Cue Points/Custome Code


      So I've figured out that videos with a playback component need cue points in order to set up all the interactivity I want to use. The only way to make animated graphics, interactive graphs and text is to apparently create custom code, which I no zip about.


      Should I hire someone to do that for me? I was thinking elance, but does anyone have any suggestions on how to make an interactive video other ways (or cheaper)ways.






      how much do you think I should charge for that:)?

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          adninjastrator Level 4

          I imagine that the cost/time will vary depending on how much:

          interactivity I want to use

          Could you give us a brief overview of what kind of "interactivity" you are looking for?

          And of course you could always learn to do it yourself. There are lots of good Flash tutorials around. A good starter tut for video here:


          scroll to the very bottom of the page. Learn to build your own NetStream video player.

          Best wishes,


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            NOAM1991 Level 1

            hi Adninjastartor,


            thanks for responding. Im working on a news app right now, to give youa  brief overview, what im doing is basically trying to create interactive video reports. So a given news story has a headline (animation in the beginning), three tabs that appear on the screen (or stage) after certain points in the video (cue point event-animation and buttons), but those tabs can be clicked to open up a graph, chart, other content besides the video (so animations, graphics etc interactive content).


            any advice?

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              adninjastrator Level 4

              My advice... start with a very simple "proof of concept" project before you attempt the entire package.

              It will be much easier to scale up if you first have a very good understanding of what's going on.

              So one simple video with just one cuepoint and only one button and additional display. You'll also have to work out the interaction of pausing the video when a cuepoint is reached or button pushed to display the graph, giving the viewer time to read the graph... then when the viewer closes the graph, the video should "resume".

              Start very simple and build on that only after you understand the fundamentals.

              Second, you mention "video reports"... plural. So that most likely means that you will need a video player with a "playlist".

              This may mean that you'll need to learn to use a little .xml to bring in the playlist data. You may also find xml an excellant way to bring other data into you project.

              At the link listed above there is an excellant tutorial on "Integrating Flash and XML"

              "Flash and XML"

              "XML Video Playlist"

              "ActionScript 3 XML Basics"

              "ActionScript 3 Advanced XML"

              Personally I would not even begin a project like this without considering how I could use xml to feed data into the project.

              Here's an example of a video player I created that has a playlist, thumbnails, categories, transcipts, "Now Playing" etc. All that data comes into the main .swf via various xml files. Super good way in input data into Flash.


              Yours is a rather ambitious project and will take awhile to gain the skill and assemble the pieces. So when you come to a new part... first create a real simple "proof of concept" model so you can learn how that section works. Don't expect to be able to assemble the entire project all at once.

              Best wishes,