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    Reading ebooks from an external hard drive with ADE

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      I have ADE installed on a netbook [an Acer with a relatively tiny hard drive] and I have found that since I started downloading my ebooks to it the performance on the computer [not surprisingly] has become rather slow.  The obvious solution to me would be to transfer all my current ebooks and download all future acquisitions to a 500 GB external hard drive.  However, I haven't been able to figure out 1) whether this is even possible or 2) how to go about it if it is indeed possible.  Given some of the [IMO ridiculous] restrictions placed on ADE readable ebooks, and some of the horror stories I've seen online, I have been reluctant to experiment, lest my currently perfectly accessible ebooks somehow become permanently off-limits and thereby unreadable.


      Is there some solution to my problem?  I have considered:


      - simple transfer of my current ebook file folder to the relevant external hard drive [ but have been unable to figure out how to "point" ADE to that location so the ebooks can be read]


      - transfer of both ADE and all ebooks to the relevant external hard drive [but am not sure if ADE will work if it's not resident on the main hard drive; additionally can see problems with my authorization if I just pick up everything via cut / past - would it screw up my authorization?]


      I'd really like a way to free up the GBs of hard drive space which I used to be able to use for cache purposes but which are now clogged up by these ADE-required files.


      TIA for any help.

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          My 'handle' is a result of similar "frustration".  I also happen to use an

          Acer laptop built in the mid-'90's.


          ADE was built in the 1990's, with a design approach that is a bit obsolete

          today.  So, the product has some limitations.  First, and probably worst,

          is that it makes you use your C:\ drive for critical files and the My

          Digital Editions folder, which manages the ebooks.


          You can have ebooks located elsewhere.  Just download the ebook to

          a location, then open ADE and use the 'Add Item To Library' function.  That

          process allows you to tell ADE where the ebook is located.


          [BTW: my local computer guru was able to upgrade the hard drive on my Acer

          to 100Gb.  That solved many, many problems.]