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    How do I cancel the open method if there's an unresolved text inset in the doc?

    jaloren28 Level 2

      According to the FDK reference guide, the open parameter FS_RefFileNotFound means "Document imports another file that isn’t available." One of the supported values for this parameter is FV_DoCancel, which cancels the open operation. So before calling the open operation, I specifically set this parameter's value to FV_DoCancel. I assumed that if i did that and the document has an unresolved text inset, then the document would not open. But it does. What am I missing?


      Code is as follows:



         var vFileName='C:\\testing\\test.fm'

          var vOpenParams=GetOpenDefaultParams();

          var vReturnParams=new PropVals();

          var index;






          var vDoc=Open (vFileName,vOpenParams,vReturnParams)  

          if (FA_errno!=0)



              if (CheckStatus (vReturnParams,Constants.FV_CancelReferencedFilesNotFound))


                  Err ('ERROR: '+vFileName+' was not opened because the document imports files that cannot be found. Verify there are no unresolved text insets in the document. \n')