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    We're probably screwed, but I'll ask.

    blazer003 Level 1

      Through our own stupidity (well that of a co-worker, but me for tasking him with this... but I digress) While he was working on "201203 March Project.prproj" (going back and pulling some stuff from it), he mistakenly saved it over 201204 April Project.prproj.  He went file, save as and saved it over the top.  He had March's project saved as April's project and open long enough that it overwrote all of the autosaves of the april project. 


      So, I have to ask, has anyone encountered this and has some amazingly ingenious way to save our bacon?  It represents 20-25+ hours of work this week, but I'm pretty much at a loss for any way to recover the original files or auto saves.  So yes, I'm hoping for a merical on Easter.  Thanks for anyone that can help, if you can.


      I am running:

      Premiere Pro CS5

      Windows 7 Professional x64

      i7 930

      12.0 GB RAM


      In case any of it matters (The fact I'm running windows might).