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    Export to Blu Ray Folder Adobe Elements 10 MAC

    Rafael DeLHoz Level 1

      I´m trying Adobe Premiere Elements 10 for "MAC",

      i haven´t Blu-Ray Burner in MAC.


      When i try to Export a Proyect to Blu-Ray only have

      Option to Write Directly to Blu-Ray Disc (i want to

      export to Folder for after copy and go to my PC

      which have a Blu-Ray Writer.

      I don´t undestand because i can export to DVD Folder

      and not to Blu-ray Folder.


      I have asked to one friend that have Adobe Premiere/Encore

      and he can to Export to Blu Ray Folder.


      How i can to Export to Blu Ray Folder?

      I need some Fix or Update?



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          That function is not available in Premiere Elements.


          To get around that, many people edit their videos in Premiere Elements but create their DVDs and BluRays in DVD Architect Studio, a $39 download from Sony Creative Software, which does include that and a number of other great features.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Welcome to the forum.


            Other programs can be used to do what you want, either from inside PrE, or in a stand-alone.


            Now, I do not know what might/might not be available for Mac, and some searching might be required, but users have recommended Phantom Drive, and another utility, with a similar name, that eludes me this AM. Those utilities basically tell PrE that a folder on the HDD is really a BD burner, and then PrE just goes about burning to that, thinking that it is burning to a BD burner. I am sure that something like that exists for the Mac.


            Good luck,