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    Video clip sound after burning


      I use Adobe Premiere Elements 10, and I recently made a music video. I put a soundtrack to it. I turned the video clip sound all the way off and just let the soundtrack play over it, like a music video. I then burned it to a disk and played it on my DVD player. When it was playing, I noticed that the video clip sound and the soundtrack were both playingand over lapping each other. I burned several disks after turning every other sound off but the soundtrack, and still the video clip was playing over it. Please give me advice on how to fix it, as it would be appreciated.

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          First, I would play the Timeline with the Audio Mixer Panel open, and watch for the Levels of the other Video Tracks. You can also use that to Mute other Audio Tracks.


          One can also Alt-click on the Audio portion of the Clip, and just Delete that.


          Now, did you place your music onto the Fixed Soundtrack Audio Track? Some users have experienced problems with the two Fixed Tracks, Soundtrack and Narration, and the normal "fix" is to just drag the music (or narration) to an empty, "regular" Audio Track.


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