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    Resizing the time/transport/etc panels


      I had to reinstall everything on a new PC (Win XPsp3); While Audition is installed OK, I can't seem to figure out how to size the panels the way I want. I used to have Transport grouped right next to Zoom and Time, not using tabs on top of each other, switching the view between the two. Time should be a relatively small panel to the right of zoom, which I prefer having the transport to the left of that; this way I can see all the panels at once, but I keep tinkering and cannot get it resize the way I need it to. What am I missing? The Help menu isn't exactly helping.

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          ryclark Adobe Community Professional

          To Resize them hover the mouse over the gap between them. A cursor with parallel lines and arrows appears. Click and drag to new size.


          To Reposition them left click and hold over the small dotted area to left of Title and drag to new position which will light up in blue/grey to show new frame position.

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            Rivergoat Level 1

            Not exactly where I need to be. There is no gap between transport, zoom, and time; they are grouped on top of each other with tabs to select which to show. The gap is between the left pane (in this case the FX window) and the 3 items I mentioned. Parallel lines to resize only increase the size of the FX window. I know that on my prior install the 3 items were all showing together, sized appropriately for the amount of information they show...?


            Well, I just toyed arouund with Audition in the laptop. I was able to recreate the layout I don't want....but selecting workspace and reverting to the default seemed to get it back to where I prefer, with each of the functions in separate/re-sizeable panes. I still can't figure how to recreate that if they are not in that view, other than perhaps reverting to the default workspace (or having saved my custom workspace into its own name)

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              ryclark Adobe Community Professional

              You should still be able to pick them up with the dotted area and place them where you want at the bottom of the screen.