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    Problem with alignment of interactive buttons when exported to Flash


      Just wondering if anyone knows how to fix the problem with how interactive buttons allign when being exported to flash.  In Indesign the buttons will be lined up perfectally in both the normal and preview screen modes.  However when you look at the buttons through the interactive preview panel or export to flash the buttons seem to be slightly offset.  This makes the layout in the flash file look very messy.

      Here is an example - this is when viewed in InDesign.

      Indesign - Standard View.jpg

      Here is the same layout viewed in the interactive preview panel - it looks the same when exported to flash:

      InDesign - Interactive Preview.png

      You can see the red and orange buttons no longer line up with the green answer boxes, or each other.


      This is very annoying. 


      Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions - am I doing something wrong or is this a problem with the program?

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          Manish-Sharma Employee Moderator

          Which version of Indesign and what OS are you using?


          have you updated the Indesign??


          And the document you have created is web-based or the print based.?

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            g_brooks Level 1

            Hello - thanks for the quick response.  To answer your questions.


            I am creating a course book for the class that I am teaching.  It is a listening class so the students receive a print copy of the materials and there is a Flash copy that they have to download from the school network so they can do the listening activities.  The PDF file and print copies look fine - they look like the 1st screen shot above - but the Flash copy consistently has problems with the interactive elements.   


            I am using InDesign 5.5 on Mac OsX.  However the problem does not seem to be connected to either the Os or the version of InDesign (well for 4 / 5 / 5.5 anyway).  Last semester I was working with a colleague on a similar document using InDesign 5.0 and Windows 7 and had the same problem.


            (In the screen shot above the red "Answer" buttons and orange number buttons are always visible.  They have been assigned a Show/Hide Button action that lets the students click on them to display the green answer buttons - the green answer buttons are hidden until the students trigger them with a click.)