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    help me please in images

    thunderxlight11111 Level 1

      hi.. how are you guys? i hope you all fine..

      iam making a game and i need images with 4 or 5 postion s

      like bird eat  (i will put its face in the first frame ,second frame open mouth, third frame eating food)


      but i dont know how to make search about images like this


      thank you

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If this is not a Flash-related question, you should probably be asking in a forum where images are more the main topic.  Try the Photoshop forums, although since this is not a technical question regarding the use of the software you might not get much help there either.  Your better bet might be to go to a stock image provider and see about purchasing images if they have any that suit your needs.


          Failing all that, you might need to draw your own, or hire someone.