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    Font displayed problem


      I created a simple website http://gonzague.nuxit.net/norden/norden.swf with Flex but the display of the text on page "AVOCATS" shows both vertical and horizontal scrollbar.
      This occurs on some friends PCs, not on mine ! I guess it is because not always the same font is used and it creates different paragraph widths.

      I specified Arial (non embedded) font in a CSS under category Application :

      Application {
      fontFamily: Arial;
      backgroundColor: #FFFFFF;
      horizontalAlign: left;
      paddingLeft: 50;
      paddingTop: 20;
      paddingBottom: 20;
      paddingRight: 50;

      I thought Flex applied different font when the one specified is not found on the client side : I guess Arial is on most of the machines now !! Is it because Flash does not find the location of the font files ?

      Or something else ?

      Thanks for helping ;)

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          slaingod Level 1
          It could be there are differences in Flash player version as to how the fonts are rendered, which could cause differences. In general you can avoid those kinds of issues with a different design, or by using things like 'horizontalScroolPolicy="off"' or clipContent=false;

          Also, looking at that page, the app sizes with the browser size, so if your friend has thicker browser borders for instance, he might get scroll bars where you wouldn't.
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            sulletf Level 1
            Thanks all that makes sense.

            I modified my containers and text width to leave space for the vertical scrollbars which makes the horizontal one disappear ...