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    Tip: How-to Transfer eBooks (and other data) from PC to Nook


      If you wish to transfer eBooks downloaded from your PC to your Nook, another way to do this is (assuming you have a mini-SDK card inserted):


      Read the whole explanation first before you do this!


      1) Open Windows Explorer.

      2) Go to the directory where you downloaded (or keep) your eBooks.

      3) Select the eBooks you wish to transfer (for all, go to Explorer's menu bar - under 'Edit', select 'Select All').

      4) Right-click on selection(s), choose either 'cut' or 'copy'.

      5) In Explorer's sidebar (where you see all the directories, etcetera), look for your Nook

          (hmmm...that sounds like a good name for a book or song - 'Look For Your Nook'! ;D).

      6) Open (expand) the device/directory 'MyNook' and look for 'My Files' and 'Books'.

      7) Right-click on 'Books', select 'Paste'.

      8) In your Nook, browse to My Files and select Books.

      9) To read a book there, just select the book you want to read - it will be added to your book library.


      You have to make sure that the eBooks you do this with are in the format that Nook recognizes: .azw (Nook) / .txt / .pdf / .mobi / .prc / .doc / .docx


      You can do the same as above for movies and music as well.


      If you do not have a mini-SDK card, skip the part in #6 where looking for 'My Files' (with the space in-between 'My' and 'Files'), instead look for 'B&N Downloads',

      expand it to look for 'Books', proceed from the rest of #6 on to #9. As below #9, you can do the same with documents (plain, unformatted text), movies, and music...

      you just need to put them in one of the other directories (either 'Extras' or 'Magazines' or 'Newspapers'. I do not know if you can create any extra directories

      in 'B&N Downloads' or not ... I haven't tried that, yet.


      I do not know if the above will work with a Nook or Nook Color as I've never used either one ... let us know, please, if the above works with either one? Thanks!

      Hope this helps someone?