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    New ventures new troubles


      Hey guys, I'm having a lot of trouble setting of FMS 4


      So I have it installed, all the services are running, I believe my 1935 and 1111 ports are open on my firewall and everything should be in order.

      I also have WAMP installed.


      I can connect to localhost in my browser and see the start page.

      Everything tells me unable to connect to network.


      if I try to connect to localhost:1111/admin I get this:





      <description>Admin user requires valid username and password.</description>

      <timestamp>4/8/2012 12:34:34 PM</timestamp>



      I'm able to go to the admin page and log in to the server (which I used to not be able to do either).


      in my error log I get this

      [Fri May 07 15:28:27 2010] [notice] Child 125556: Starting thread to listen on port 80.

      [Fri May 07 16:45:43 2010] [error] [client] File does not exist: C:/Perforce/depot/branches/FMS/vendors/x86win/Release/Apache2.2.15/htdocs/message.txt

      [Fri May 07 16:45:43 2010] [error] [client] File does not exist: C:/Perforce/depot/branches/FMS/vendors/x86win/Release/Apache2.2.15/htdocs/v4_version.txt

      [Fri May 07 18:37:54 2010] [notice] Parent: Received shutdown signal -- Shutting down the server.

      [Fri May 07 18:37:54 2010] [notice] Child 125556: Exit event signaled. Child process is ending.

      [Fri May 07 18:37:55 2010] [notice] Child 125556: Released the start mutex

      [Fri May 07 18:37:56 2010] [notice] Child 125556: All worker threads have exited.

      [Fri May 07 18:37:56 2010] [notice] Child 125556: Child process is exiting

      [Fri May 07 18:37:56 2010] [notice] Parent: Child process exited successfully.


      I'd really like to get FMS running for some projects me and my friends want to do, or atleast learn something from it.

      So any answers, help, or just an idea would be really appreciated.

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          Shiraz Anwar Adobe Employee

          Few queries from my side, so that I get to know the context correctly:

          1. What platfrom are you using, Windows or CnetOS ?

          2. What architecture x86/x64?

          3. How did you installed the FMS, have you provided the username and password during the installation or have you done the silent installation?

          4. On the launch of browser, do you see the FMS welcome page, where streams are playing correctly?

          5. Also, you have told like you have WAMP running, so can you make sure it is not interfering the ports used by FMS i.e. 80, 1935, 1111, 19350 (ipc), 11110 (ipc)


          These queries will help me to get you back with a better answer.



          Shiraz Anwar

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            hdeesairplanes Level 1

            Hey thanks so much for replying , much appreciated. I figured it all out

            and have been using flash and fms for about a week it feels like. I ended

            up uninstalling both reinstalling wamp first, then installing fms via 8080,

            set up all my ports, and then the big kicker. I haven't been trying to

            start FMS with right click start as admin mode.


            Now that I know the protocol it's all fairly simple.


            Thanks again though .