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    Different Video Sizes


      Hi, I had built a pretty simple application for 1 to 1 videochat for my client. When I hit the respective URLs of host and guest and start their cameras, the webcamera area allocated to the screen is divided into two parts where both the participents take half the screen size (as shown in the picture attached). To do this simply, I am using this code:-


      <mx:VBox width="60%" height="100%">

      <rtc:WebCamera width="100%" height="100%"/>



      Can by any means, I have the option to have different size of videos for myself and the other person in video conference with me- I mean I do not need to see a big picture of mine but I don't mind to see the big picture of the other person on chat with me- vice versa is also true.


      Or is there any feasibility that I just see the other person not myself when I hit the URL allocated to me and similarly the person on the other end of the chat sees me not himself when he hits his URL.


      Thank you.