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    Trying to get the correct Adobe Flashplayer


      I am quite annoyed by the adobe site. It keeps redirecting me to www.adobe.com/nl for me to download and install my flashplayer.

      However I do NOT have a Dutch Windows 7. I have Windows 7 UK 64 bit. So by that logic I should be getting the UK/US version of Flashplayer.

      However the horribly annoying adobe site keeps redirecting me to the Dutch site AND version ....

      I have even set my region to US, nope still to the Dutch site. It even says I have a Dutch Windows 7, most likely based on my IP and not by checking my

      Windows 7.


      So my question is ... how do I get the UK/US version of flashplayer for my 64 bit UK Windows version, because I am tired of getting redirected to the Dutch site tbh ...