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    Blurry/ fuzzy fonts in pdf  when export from indesign

    Jessred21 Level 1

      Hello all,

      i have done alot of research/ readings via the internet (& forum) but i still can't find a solution to this:


      - I have saved my pdfs (line drawings, texts, graphics) in illustrator.

      - i 'place' them into Indesign.

      - In indesign, i click 'export', 'adobe pdf (print)', ' high quality print'.


      Result: the texts on the embedded pdfs are fuzzy. I have used 2 fonts- one is fine & editable in the exported pdf (garamond);  only 'arial' seems rasterized & fuzzy.


      What have i tried:

      - i tried exporting as 'pdf X 1a 2001' settings as it is mentioned that it is good for printing.

      - i have tried  clicking 'do not downsample' in all the 'compression categories'.

      -  i have also checked 'find font', to see if the 'arial' is true font. It is.


      What else can i do? kindly advise. Thank you in advance.



      adobe cs5